What the media says


“Cutting Edge is doing a fantastic job; they are always on top of things. I have no complaints. They are true professionals. Their work is superb and I encourage them to keep up the superb job they are doing.

 “I have worked in media for many years and I can’t think of a PR company that is as serious as them, they are number one. They provide us with a wide array of stories and great opportunities.”

Simon Mwanza
Editor, Daily Nation 

“By virtue of my daily work routine, I have regularly interacted with Cutting Edge PR.  I have always found Cutting Edge PR proficient, consistent and robustly organized in ensuring they not only make their clients available to us on the business desk of The Post, but also ensure we easily access our sources who are their clients.

In the current trend of growing agencies offering a variety of PR services, we contend that Cutting Edge PR stands top and there is evident to that effect.”

K. Chiwoyu Sinyangwe
Business Editor, The Post

“I have had so many dealings with Cutting Edge PR, whom I have found to be informative, responsive and very jacked up about their clients.

Cutting Edge PR is also extremely fast in giving relevant information one needs on a particular client or on distributing press releases and I have found dealing with this agency to be efficient, friendly and helpful.

The agency has always managed to get us connected to the right people and to supply us with the info and contacts we have needed in the past.  More corporates would benefit from this kind of PR service.  In a word, they are just great!

We have in the office, on several times, remarked on how Cutting Edge PR set themselves apart from the majority of PR agencies, just by their completely professional approach evident in all their dealings with us.”

Elias Chipepo
Sports Editor, Times of Zambia


“Cutting Edge is professional and consistent in their interactions with myself and more generally, the Times of Zambia. Every story they share with us is newsworthy, they are trendsetters. They always meet our expectations. Cutting Edge bridges the information gap by linking us to important news sources. The first things that come to mind when I hear the name Cutting Edge is efficiency and availability.”

James Muyanwa
Business Editor, Times of Zambia 

“Cutting Edge is a very active agency and I like the way they operate. They manage to maintain good relationship with the Daily Mail and me personally. I appreciate the fact that when they send us stories they always follow up. Cutting Edge does a good job of keeping in touch with journalists and encourage us to keep going. Cutting Edge consultants are professional and it’s always a pleasure working with them.”

“In terms of stories to do with children and other marginalised members of society, Cutting Edge provides me with a lot. I’m not always in the know about what’s going on but Cutting Edge helps keep me informed and lets me know about relevant stories.”

Panic Chilufya
Gender Editor and Columnist